CV/Resume Tips & Tricks

A few simple steps to follow for a path to a successful CV:

  1. Check out the sub-reddit ITCareerQuestions as “is designed to help anyone in or interested in the IT field to ask career related questions”
  2. Get inspirations/ideas/tips & tricks from sub-reddit sysadminresumes regarding CVs/resumes
  3. Once you are inspired, decide on the appropriate template & details of your CV (depending if you do or don’t have experience) by starting with this great guide at Resume to Interviews 
  4. Once you have put it all together, go back to sysadminresumes sub-reddit and submit your CV/resume (anonymously and sanitized) for constructive criticism and feedback

A well put together CV/resume will NOT guarantee you a job! What it will do is aid in getting you at the table – the rest is going to be up to you!