Career Advice

By no means am I a recruiter, HR person or a career advice expert. These couple of sub-pages are my two cents & resources I come across put together in a concise (TL;DR) way. You can make a success of the job or on the career progression ladder as you are the one who is in the driving seat.

  • Frequently tweak/re-upload your CV/resume to job board websites as this will keep you on top of the recruiters/companies lists (they can see recently updated/uploaded CVs/resumes)
  • Recruiters are NOT in your best interest (mileage can vary of course as not ALL recruiters are out there to shaft you)
    • They serve their pockets and more biased towards the employer than you
  • HR department is NOT in your best interest
    • It serves the interest of the organisation and to protect it
  • If you are asked if you are interviewing/are waiting for offers/have interviews lined up, always say that you DO NOT have anything else lined up even if you do!
    • If you say yes then the recruitment process will be sped up to pressure you into making a decision
  • Interview the company as they are interviewing you
    • Ask questions to get a feeling how management works & if the management style fits with your way of working
    • Ask how the team dynamics work, etc.
  • Never provide anyone your payslips/salary slips
    • This is used to low-ball you when offers come
  • If salary is not negotiable (and is within your range/threshold acceptance) then ask if other parts of the offer are negotiable such as holidays/working hours/company car/travel allowance