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Installing VMware PowerCLI 10.0.0 on Linux

VMware just announced the new version of VMware PowerCLI 10.0.0 that also coincides with the ten year anniversary of PowerCLI Рand now it is easier than ever to have it running on your *nix environment.

  • Go to the PowerShell GitHub page and select your desired platform on which you will want to have it running on for installation instructions:

  • Once you have successfully installed PowerShell on your desired system, it is time to install PowerCLI – and with version 10 it is easier than ever!
  • Start PowerShell with¬†sudo pwsh

  • As the PowerCLI modules have been for some time on the PowerShell Gallery we can simply install them with one command:

  • As this version of PowerCLI handles a bit differently self-signed certs (or invalid ones) we need to ignore them:

  • Once all the above is done, here is the moment of truth – connecting as you would’ve from your Windows environment:


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