Install Docker & Rancher on Ubuntu 17.10

Taking to the next level container management will require installation of Docker and Rancher.

To install docker simply execute the following two commands as taken from

Once Docker is installed and running, Rancher needs to be installed (as a container) and publishing it on 8080:

Then once Rancher has been installed, browse to either the hostname or IP of the Linux host where Rancher is running on and it should look something like this:

Next you will need to deploy another Linux host with Docker installed except this time you will not be installing Rancher. Once the additional host it is up and running go back to Rancher and:

  1. Go to Hosts – ensuring Custom is selected
  2. You can enter the host IP address or leave it empty for auto-detect
  3. Copy the command and paste it in the newly deployed Linux host as previously mentioned like so:

Once the command has been executed, within a few minutes you will see on the Hosts page the recently added host:

Now you can either browse the Rancher catalogue or add manually containers!


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