TL;DR – Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Found this great nugget from /u/floppydiskette on Reddit with a slight correction:

  • EC2Elastic Compute Cloud: basically a DIY virtual cloud server. You can spin up multiple EC2 instances.
  • S3Simple Storage Service: cloud storage for static files (images, documents, css, js, etc.)
  • Route 53DNS (Domain Name Service) provided by Amazon.
  • RDSRelational Database Service: cloud database.
  • ELBElastic Load Balancer: point your DNS at a load balancer instead of an IP; you can set your load balancer to “round robin” between multiple EC2 instances.
  • AMIAutomated Machine Image: an image of your EC2 instance that can be used to spin up multiple instances.
  • CloudFront – Caches content such as HTML, images, and video at edge locations for a period of time that you specify to improve performance of websites.

So, for an example LAMP stack running WordPress…

  • Your Apache server and php files are on EC2
  • Your static CSS, JavaScript, images, fonts and documents are on S3 with CloudFront in front of it
  • Your MySQL database is on RDS
  • Your have a DNS set up in Route 53
  • Pointing to an ELB
  • Balancing between multiple EC2 instances that are based on an AMI.

And of course, one of my favourites when starting with AWS is – Amazon Web Services in Plain English.


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