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SEP Client Security & Maintenance Pop-up

Since migrating to Windows 10, removing local administrator rights and increasing the UAC  level for end users the following pop-up has been appearing to complain about definitions being out of date:

Do you want to run this app?
You should only run apps that come from publishers you trust.

Interestingly enough Symantec Corporation is detected as a publisher – so it is strange why it is popping up.

The Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager settings which are responsible for Windows notifications  can be located under Clients (1) > My Company (2), Policies (3) and select Clients – Virus and Spyware [shared] (4):

Select  Edit Shared

Now from the pop-up window select Miscellaneous (1) and finally select to either completely disable the Windows Security Center alerts or modify the warning threshold (2) under the Miscellaneous tab:



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