Altiris 7.5 Silent Certificate Deployment

I was recently faced with a task of deploying Cisco Jabber client & Cisco Media Services Interface with the help of Symantec Altiris 7.5. Software importing stage went fine, policy creation fine, filter creation fine, deployment fine until it got to the stage of installing the “Media Services Interface” package – I am told by my telephony guy that this is provides video capabilities to Jabber.

Upon installing the Media Services the test users were prompted with the following dialogue: 

Turns out that in this particular scenario Cisco is using an expired certificate which was not necessarily present on workstations: 

Scouring the tubes revealed this short and sweet PowerShell command line which imports the certificate and the user is not prompted to “trust” Cisco:

certutil.exe -addstore TrustedPublisher "\\<strong>A</strong><strong>LTIRISDEPLOYMENTSERVER</strong>\Packages\Applications\Cisco\Jabber\Video Drivers\ciscocert.cer"

To incorporate into my deployment policy I simply created a Task to execute a PowerShell Script in Altiris 7.5:

Then I prioritised the deployment policy so that the PowerShell Script Task which installs the certificate is executed first:


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