Install Android (Lollipop) 5.0 on HP TouchPad

After many months on Android 4.4.4 for my HP TouchPad I decided to try out Lollipop, while I was hoping for an in place upgrade going in between ROMs is always tricky and dirty – in the sense that most of the time is never quiet right and you will get crashes etc.

First things first you will need the following downloaded and installed (only the USB drivers) before continuing.

!! Data will be lost therefore I am not responsible for anything if you brick your device, lose data etc!!


Step 1.
Install the USB drivers from the link above – you will need Java for it to run.

Step 2.
Put the HP TouchPad into webOS recovery mode and connect via USB cable to PC. To put the TouchPad in recovery mode you need to hold Power+Home until the screen changes (about 10 secs) and then start holding the Volume Up button until you see the big USB symbol.

Step 3.

Extract the downloaded to a folder and execute tptb_v40_win.bat.

Step 4.



Once TPToolbox has loaded you will want to first perform a Complete Data Reset. Just follow the on-screen information.


When that has completed (and while the TouchPad is still connected via USB to your PC) select Install Android and upload the following files to the ttinstall folder on the Touchpad;


Once you have uploaded everything follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 5.
I chose not to boot into the Evervolv 4.4.4 ROM instead after installation restarted back into TWRP recovery, mounted the USB storage and uploaded the following files;


Step 6.
In TWRP install and restart back in TWRP.

Step 7.
Now that you are back in the new version of TWRP install  and or any of your other favourite Android 5.0 ROM.

DONE! You should have Android (Lollipop 5.0) on your HP Touchpad!

Bonus after install:

  • DPI option (in Settings) to increase DPI from 240 (default) to 132 to make use of the screen real estate
  • Toolbox (in Settings) – I set the CPU Frequency to – Min: 648000 and Max: 1782000
  • Nova Launcher – Custom launcher with many settings
  • AdAway – Block advertisement

3 Comments to “Install Android (Lollipop) 5.0 on HP TouchPad”

  1. Mike

    Hi, thank you for such a detailed guide!. Question: why not installing the last ROM, Recovery and Gapps from the start, instead of having to go through an older version first? Another question: if I’d like to use “” as ROM, should I still use the same Recovery and Gapps you recommend here? Thanks!

  2. I’m not the author but I tried it today after finding my old touchpad in a box last night. Long story short, TPToolbox will not install the newer ROM, gapps, and recovery. You’ll also have to adjust the system volume size to 1GB before installing the above (old) ROM so that you have sufficient space for the new one.


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