Installing VMWare ESXi 5.5 with 2GB RAM

How to install VMware vSphere 5.5 with 2GB of RAM instead of the usual 4GB limit.

Mount the ISO (VMware-VMvisor-Installer-5.5.0-1331820.x86_64.iso) and boot it up. At the welcome screen press ALT+F1 :

Once you have pressed ALT+F1 the screen will change to this

Login as root and no password:

Navigate to the location of where the file which we want to modify resides:

# cd /usr/lib/vmware/weasel/util

We will remove the compiled version of the check utility:

# rm upgrade_precheck.pyc

We have to move and copy the file to bypass some permissions issues:

# mv upgrade_precheck.py upgrade_precheck.py.old

# cp upgrade_precheck.py.old upgrade_precheck.py

Now we open the file in VI and modify it:

# vi upgrader_precheck.py

At 45% (pressing PAGE DOWN key on your keyboard:

You will see the following:

Press i on the keyboard and replace the 4 with a 1:

Then press ESC on your keyboard and type :wq and press Enter:

If you are getting Read-Only errors then you need to make it writeable:

 chmod 666 upgrade_precheck.py

We’ll now search for the process which has the pre-check running and kill it (you will have a different PID so use that):

# ps -c | grep weasel
# kill -9 34382

Then you will be back at the installation screen to proceed with the installation:

Once installation has finished you should see the following:


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  1. Me

    Your instructions have users deleted both files:
    upgrade_precheck.py and

    You need to remove the command from the above window that shows:

    rm upgrade_precheck.py

    or else users are deleting both files, and won’t have one to modify.


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