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Symantec EndPoint Protection Client Migration

There was a requirement to decommission old Symantec EndPoint Management (SEPM) servers and as the majority of 2000 clients were migrated with the “Client Deployment Wizard > Remote Push” feature there were still some left behind which had to be manually migrated – or so it looked.

After some searching and reading various posts and documents on the Symantec pages it looked like the easiest solution for me was to simply replace the Sylink.xml file on the old SEPM environments and when the clients perform their routine update, the newly placed Sylink file will be downloaded by the clients and like magic they will be on the new environment!


1. Create a new Communication Update Package Deployment configuration file by going to Add a client – after selecting the appropriate client group (in this case it was the end user workstations):

2. Selecting the group once again:

3. Select Save Package

4. Select the destination where to save the newly Sylink.xml file followed by Next and Finish:

5. The exported file should be a .ZIP archive:

6. Open the archive and extract sylink.xml somewhere else:

7. Now go back to the old SEPM environment and locate the group which you want to target (it should match the Sylink you just exported – as in you exported a Clients sylink you should copy it to the Clients group ID on the old SEPM):

7. Here we can see that Clients has a Group ID which starts with 16048F…. We locate that folder in the following location – C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\data\outbox\agent:

8. We rename the old Sylink.xml and copy the new one:

9. We break the inheritance and set the following permissions:

10. To speed things up a bit you can restart the smc service:

11. Then we go to a server and check its status Help > Trobuleshooting:

And as we can see in the above image it is connected to x.x.x.51 server – this is the new environment. This will take some time I left it for over 24 hours but within 3 hours I had seen clients no longer being “Online” in the old SEPM environment.


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