SharePoint 2013 – MSSQL$SharePoint Error Fix

Recently I have been wanting to install Windows Server 2012, SQL 2012, SharePoint 2013 & TFS 2012 all on one VM for testing, but after installing SQL and SP – running the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard for the first time, produced the following error:

Failed to start the database service MSSQL$SharePoint.
Repair this product by selecting it from the Add/Remove Programs menu

I have found a few different fixes, such as running Windows Update, installing hotfixes but the only one that worked for me was the fix mentioned on this MSDN forum post:

1. Go to “regedit.exe

2. Browse through “HKLM_Local_Machine/Software/Microsoft/Shared Tools/Web Server Extensions/15.0/WSS/”.

3. Then change the value of attribute named “ServerRole” from SINGLESERVER to APPLICATION.


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  1. DJ Barker

    Thank you for posting this fix – it worked. At some time in the past, I had moved the SP config and content db’s from sql express to sql 2012. The original SP installation was single server mode.


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