Windows Server 2012: Server Core SCONFIG

Previously we executed some basic commands to get our environment up and running on the network so that it will be available for remote administration. As we saw, it can be fairly de-motivating having to execute long commands just to simply change the name of a server!

This is where SCONFIG comes in. It has been available since Server 2008 R2 to combat the problems we faced previously. Some of the features of SCONFIG are (other than being launched easily from the CMD window by simply executing sconfig):

  • Configure domain or workgroup membership
  • Change a server’s name
  • Add a local Administrator account
  • Configure remote management features
  • Configure Windows Update settings
  • Download and install Windows updates
  • Enable or disable Remote Desktop
  • Configure network settings for TCP/IP
  • Configure the date and time
  • Log off, restart, or shut down

SCONFIG in action


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