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Pidgin configuration with Openfire on Windows

In this guide Pidgin will be configured to work with our previously installed and configured  Openfire server.

Step 1

Download the latest version from http://www.pidgin.im/download/

Step 2

At the Choose Components window select:

  • GTK+
  • Shortcuts
    • Desktop
    • Start Men
  • URI Handlers
    • XMPP
  • Localizations
    • en_GB

Once the desired components have been selected click Next leaving all of the defaults and complete the installation

Step 3

Once Pidgin has been installed and started configure the following in the Add Account window under the Basic tab:

  • Select XMPP from the drop down menu in the Protocols setting
  • Insert the full Username as registered in Openfire
  • The Domain should either be the IP address or FQDN of the Openfire server
  • Insert the preset password ticking the Remember password box
  • Finally completing the Local ‘alias with the users Full Name’


Once all the information has been correctly inserted select the Advanced tab and:

  1. Insert the IP address or FQDN of the Openfire server in the Connect server and File transfer proxies
  2. Leave the rest as default

Finally click the Add button and it should connect straight away.

Step 5

Once the user has successfully connected to the Openfire server, next is to configure a few plugins for added functionality:

  1. Go to Tools in the top menu bar
  2. Select Plugins

Step 6

Select the following plugins from the Plugins window:

Step 7

The following plugins require a bit of extra setting up:

  • Message Notification

  • Windows Pidgin Options



  1. Hello sir can you help me sir? my prob is i cant connect my pidgin to my server openfire. but i have two pidgin already connected in the same area same network where my server is install.the pidgin that cant connect to my server sir is install to another place far from to my server i try to connect sir and it say’s “unable to connect”.thank you…


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