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Openfire Configuration on Windows

This is a follow up guide fromĀ Openfire Installation on Windows,on configuring Openfire on a Windows platform. Some pre-requisites for this guide are:

Step 1

From the Openfire console window click Launch Admin

Step 2

A browser window should launch and begin the setup process. Select English and click Continue

Step 3

Enter a FQDN or IP address in the Domain box and click Continue

Step 4

Select the Standard Database Connection and click Continue

Step 5

Select PostgreSQL from the drop down menu. Making sure that localhost and database name are entered in the Database URL and that the username and password which were created in the PostgreSQL Shell should be used, then click Continue

Step 6

Leave the Default and click Continue

Step 7

Enter a valid email address and password for the administrator account and click Continue

Step 8

Once everything has been completed successfully click the Login to the admin console button. You have now successfully installed and configured Openfire.


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