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There is a Swype version (Swype_2_15_56_14_Scandinavian.apk) out there that comes with the UK keyboard but for some reason it doesn’t get pushed through the automatic Swype Installer when you select the “Full 10MB” version…
So from the Swype forums, limawhiskey came up with this workaround:

Just thought of a way to hack this – all I needed was a good article on UK vs US spelling. Thanks Google!

  • From the above linked page, copy and paste the list of UK English words on the sidebar of the into a text file
  • Open the text file on the phone (I used Dropbox text editor, any similar method will also work).
  • Select all the words (long press, Select All).
  • Tap the Swype key
  • Wait
  • Wait some more… (the Swype keyboard won’t be responding at this point, took about 2 minutes)
  • Boom!

Final result! The words have been added into the Swype dictionary!


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