Firefox Insecure Page Rendering

Since Firefox version 23 websites such as MSDN and Technet have not been displaying correctly like the image below:render Initially I thought Firefox was not rendering the CSS or something was up but it finally got to me that it must be a security setting somewhere which is affecting it. I thought it might have been a certificate relate issue but this advanced command in about:config resolved it.

1. Go to about:config in the address bar
aboutconfig2. Search for security.mixed_content.block_active_content and set its value to false aboutconfigcommand3. You do not have to restart Firefox, you can just refresh the page which was causing the issuetechnetMore information can be read on the Mozilla page.

Romanian Sopcast TV Channels – September

Updated list of Romanian & International TV channels:

1TV Neam? :
Acas? : sop://
Acas? Gold : sop://
Animal Planet : sop://
Antena 1 : sop://
Antena 1 2 : sop://
Antena 1 3 :
Antena 2 : sop://
Antena 3 : sop://
AXN : sop://
AXN Crime : sop://
AXN Sci-Fi : sop://
AXN Spin : sop://
B1 TV : sop://
BBC Knowledge : sop://
Bollywood TV : sop://
Boomerang : sop://
Canal 7 Baia Mare :
Cartoon Network : sop://
Cartoon Network 1 :
Cinemax : sop://
Cinemax 2 : sop://
Comedy Central : sop://
Digi 24 HD :
Digi Life : sop://
Digi World : sop://
DigiFilm : sop://
DigiSport 1 : sop://
DigiSport 2 : sop://
DigiSport 3 : sop://
Discovery Channel : sop://
Discovery ID : sop://
Discovery Science : sop://
Disney Channel : sop://
Disney Junior : sop://
DIVA Universal : sop://
Euforia TV : sop://
Eurosport : sop://
Eurosport 2 : sop://
Favorit TV : sop://
Film Cafe : sop://
GSP TV : sop://
HBO : sop://
HBO Comedy : sop://
HBO HD : sop://
History Channel : sop://
Jurnal TV :
Kanal D : sop://
Kanal D :
MGM : sop://
Na?ional TV : sop://
NatGeo Wild : sop://
National Geographic : sop://
Nickelodeon : sop://
PartyTV :
Plus TV Suceava :
Prima TV : sop://
Pro TV : sop://
Pro TV 2 : sop://
Pro TV HD : sop://
Pro TV Interna?ional : sop://
ProCinema : sop://
Realitatea TV : sop://
România TV :
România TV 2 : sop:// : sop://
Taraf TV : sop://
Taraf TV 1 :
TCM : sop://
TLC : sop://
TV 1000 : sop://
TV Paprika : sop://
TVM Piatra Neam? :
TVR 1 : sop://
TVR 2 : sop://
Universal : sop://
Viasat Explorer : sop://
Viasat History : sop://
Viasat Nature : sop://

SharePoint 2013 – MSSQL$SharePoint Error Fix

Recently I have been wanting to install Windows Server 2012, SQL 2012, SharePoint 2013 & TFS 2012 all on one VM for testing, but after installing SQL and SP – running the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard for the first time, produced the following error:

Failed to start the database service MSSQL$SharePoint.
Repair this product by selecting it from the Add/Remove Programs menu

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Windows Server 2012: Server Core Remote Administration

If you have just installed Server 2012 Core, configured it to your requirements and ready to manage remotely but you get the following error message: “Computer \\ cannot be managed. The network path was not found.” 

But you are 100% sure you have:

  • Configure Remote Management set to Enabled
  • Remote Desktop set to Enabled (all clients)

Then the following fix should work:

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Windows Server 2012: Server Core SCONFIG

Previously we executed some basic commands to get our environment up and running on the network so that it will be available for remote administration. As we saw, it can be fairly de-motivating having to execute long commands just to simply change the name of a server!

This is where SCONFIG comes in. It has been available since Server 2008 R2 to combat the problems we faced previously. Some of the features of SCONFIG are (other than being launched easily from the CMD window by simply executing sconfig):

  • Configure domain or workgroup membership
  • Change a server’s name
  • Add a local Administrator account
  • Configure remote management features
  • Configure Windows Update settings
  • Download and install Windows updates
  • Enable or disable Remote Desktop
  • Configure network settings for TCP/IP
  • Configure the date and time
  • Log off, restart, or shut down

SCONFIG in action

Why I chose StableHost

I will make it nice and quick. I am not one for advertising or make under the table deals for money, but I think it is fair to comment on the service that I have received from the guys.

After scouring the internet for “Top 10 web hosting” sites and reading up everything you can possibly read on Web Hosting Talk (you have to take those guys with a pinch of salt though) and making up my own judgement I decided to settle with StableHost.

The advantages in my opinion:

  • Customer service – every time I contacted these guys they have replied straight away or within a short period of time and they were polite, helpful and resolved my issues. Really impressed and how a service should be offered, with grade A customer service.
  • Resonable price – if it’s cheap and you get loads of space, bandwidth, databases etc. it is bound to suck. As the saying goes, if it is too good to be true, it probably is. Providers oversell so that they can make as much money as possible
  • EU servers – as most of intended audience from Europe I thought that having a EU server was a good idea, and to be honest, these days you cannot tell the difference anyway. If you are one of those that says “1 ms is important for my important site” and you are using a shared hosting plan – then you are doing it wrong
  • cPanel – I know it probably doesn’t mean much as I am if only twice a year actually logged on it, but it is good to know that you get all the goodies that come with cPanel than the others out there. Personal preference really I guess.
  • SSH – honestly, I haven’t used it, but I know that before WordPress had the auto update feature built in, the easiest way of updating to the latest version was through SSH (svn I think it’s called)

The disadvantages – nothing is perfect:

  • Offers – there have been some crazy offers for US hosting packages with discounts such as 60% off for life! Unfortunately having the European package you miss out on those things as apparently the hosting is a bit more expensive here, so no deals! :’(
  • Generous features – I know I mentioned earlier that you get what you pay for but I just wished there might have been some more storage space in case you wanted to have a gallery or owncloud running privately

To summarise it – read some of the posts on Web Hosting Talk with a pinch of salt, read as many various threads as you possibly can to get an idea of common problems people are experiencing (and I can pretty much guarantee you that the majority of them are user errors) before making your mind up.

Windows Server 2012: Configure TCP/IP on Server Core

So if you have just installed Server Core 2012 and want to set a static IP address you might have been looking at the Microsoft site only to find that they’re asking you to put a dash ” – ” before the IP and gateway address, which will invalidate the command.

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Windows Server 2012: Switch from Server Core to Server Full GUI

Some of the ways to configure server core can be done mainly from PowerShell or from RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools).

Here I will be using PowerShell to quickly switch from Core to the full GUI:

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PowerShell Remoting into Windows Server 2012

So my new love is PowerShell and as I like to spend my time (or whenver I get the chance) in CLI mode, anything is welcome!

Anyway, let’s get down to business. So Windows Server 2012 has been installed in my Virtualbox environment and I opted for the CLI mode (non-GUI) right from the start. Hey, if Microsoft are offering two install modes – CLI or GUI then I am assuming that you can do everything in both modes right?

And as PowerShell is native on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2012 why not remote in through PowerShell from your client workstation? Similar to SSH into your newly built *nix server eh? ;)

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